Writing, in particular, descriptive writing, has always been something I’ve had an innate flair for. That being said, I never really enjoyed doing it. Before meeting Lewis and Kris of Fine Rolling Media and taking part in their internship scheme, I was dead set on becoming a cinematographer, but after only a few months with them, my ideas started to change. After getting the chance to experience a small corner of the film industry, I was inspired by Fine Rolling’s work to create something brilliant of my own. So, I wrote the first draft of my debut film script and showed Fine Rolling’s head writer, Lewis, who encouraged me to develop it further. I had written before, but never a script, so it was all very new to me. I had previously written poetry and short descriptive prose – something that I still enjoy. But, finding scriptwriting has allowed me to combine my passion for cinematography and my flair for writing.  I can’t wait to pursue it as a career.


The finished script – ah, bliss. But it’s not as easy as it looks. Writer’s block is something all writer’s go through. Sitting down, opening up a blank document and just freezing. But this is where all fantastic ideas stem from and after looking back on your first ever script, you’ll realise that it’s just part of the creative process.


– Script-in-hand rehearsal


‘Girls’ Night Out’ was the first ever script I wrote and a surprising one at that. Something I’ve taken from the process is to be inspired by the little things that happen in everyday life. Everyone dreams. ‘Girls’ Night Out’ stemmed from a friend’s dream and developed into a horror story, of all things! The horror genre has never been one that thrilled me, so this script surprised even myself. The lesson I took from this was to never close any creative doors and write whatever comes to you, even if you don’t think it’s worth a penny.


– BTS Photo Girls’ Night Out


Perhaps people don’t always realise the difference between script-writing and filmmaking. They work hand in hand but involve a huge amount of work in different areas. Once you’ve got your ‘final’ draft and you’re super proud of it, someone will turn around and get you to do another 12 drafts! And it can be hard to remain creative after a while, which for me, is where filmmaking comes in. Pairing script-writing with physical filmmaking allows you to think about the story from a fresh perspective. Looking at your story in terms of; camera angles, props, outfits, etc. adds a lot of colour to a script that you may feel is plateauing.


– BTS Photo Girls’ Night Out


Help! Another remedy for plateauing creativity is accepting help from people around you. No writer crafts a whole, professional and eloquent script all by themselves. Big-time writers have editors, so why shouldn’t you? The more you look at a script, the less you see mistakes. So, even just having a friend go through it can make the world of difference.

Luckily for me, I had a Lewis Carter Masterclass. ‘Girls’ Night Out’ started as a tiny scene, that naïve little me thought was a “short film”. But this was where the help came in. I had an idea and the incentive to write it, all I needed was someone to guide me along with narrative structure, character development, script formatting, and the passion to push me in the right direction. And although you may look back on your first drafts and laugh, as I did, you wouldn’t get to your beautifully crafted final draft if you hadn’t given it a go.


– STILL from Girls’ Night Out


Script writing is not the easiest form of writing, but it can be one of the most rewarding. Girls’ Night Out is currently in post-production and that is the best thing about the script. What started as a two-page scene has been transformed over time into an engaging script that has impressed the right people along the way, which meant that I actually got to make it!

So, remember, it’s all about the story. If you have one you believe in, write it with passion and dedication, and the rest will follow.


– STILL from Girls’ Night Out



Ruby Harrison is a BA English and Media student at Cardiff Metropolitan University and recently took part in the internship scheme at Fine Rolling Media. Ruby’s debut short film ‘Girls’ Night Out’ will be released into the festival circuit in October of this year. You can find out more about Ruby with the Instagram handle @royalrosephotography / or through her Uni blogging website http://studentblogs.cardiffmet.ac.uk/blogger/ruby-harrison/.