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You Know Who – A Music Video From Script to Screen

I’m lucky to be the head writer at a video production company that shares my passion for incorporating narrative lead storytelling into our projects whenever possible.     Music videos are both a great opportunity for storytelling, as well as […]

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7 Books that will make you a better writer

I’ve had the daunting privilege of spending a lot of time with first-time writers over recent months. Some of them have been part of our internship scheme at Fine Rolling media and others have reached out via email. It’s been […]

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Let’s Talk about Short Films

I’ve spent a lot of time on the road over the last couple of years, going to festivals with two short films, ‘Campfire Story’ and ‘ROYAL.’     Over the course of several festivals I’ve seen many people – even […]

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A New Generation of Film Fans Fall in Love With Royal Marine, Ted Owens After Watching ROYAL

I’ve talked before about the making of Royal, and how it was a privilege to spend time on the road making a film about a 92-year-old Royal Marine who stormed Sword Beach on D-Day. Royal opened to an energetic, but […]

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2017: A Final Draft

A final blog post for the year   It’s the time of year to put down all active projects in development, from brand films to short stories and reflect on a year of creativity. The second half of this year […]

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An Introduction to my Blog | Or: ‘What do you mean you tell stories for a living?’

This is blog post is designed to allow me to covertly promote myself online, by gently taking you by the hand and guiding you through examples of the services I provide, disguised as a series of disarming anecdotes. There, that […]

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