A little about the good work of Kingspan: Solar thermal enables you to reduce your carbon footprint as well as your energy bills. Our integrated solar thermal solution provides the community centre with powerful hot water supply as well as pool heating. The installation features the largest rooftop solar thermal installation in Wales to date and Kingspan’s largest installed solar thermal system in the UK. Installed collector power is an impressive 143kW and it has been calculated that the system will, save up to 30% on annual energy costs. Kingspan’s evacuated tube collectors are designed to work effectively for domestic and commercial users.


Directed by Kristian Kane
Written by Lewis Carter
Produced by Fine Rolling Media

Fine Rolling Media was commissioned to produce a brand film for Eco Fit and Kingspan. They had a lot of technical information they needed to convey in a short period of time, but as with all good companies, they knew the value of incorporating a narrative into their video.

I was tasked with the role of creating a short concept that could highlight their message, as well as writing a voice over that was informative and compelling enough for a layperson to watch.

Find out more about Kingspan here.