Welsh Short Stories



Synopsis: ‘When you’re an 11-year-old boy you feel invincible. Callam is about to have a day that will test that theory.’


You can read ‘Shame Leaves A Mark’ here.



I wrote ‘Shame Leaves A Mark’ during the final few months of my Master’s degree in Leeds. It was an exercise in simplicity and suspense, intended as little more than a means of procrastination when I had real assignments to write for. I had no idea that people would take to Callum and his pivotal experience in this short story so much. In fact, I’m often surprised by the number of people that call this one of their favourites of mine.

I’m very honoured that The National Student choose this story to win ‘Best Short Story, 2015’.

If you haven’t read ‘Shame leaves A Mark’ yet, here’s a small challenge; try and guess the twist. You’ll be one of only a handful of readers if you can.

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Lucy Miller, The National Student. WINNER OF OUR SHORT STORY COMPETITION REVEALED, 10/12/15