Welcome to a selection of a few of my Welsh Short Stories. Here, amongst other things, you can read about a boy who makes friends with the school bully (with disastrous results), a man reminiscing about a past love during a drunken walk home, and a writer that doesn’t believe in ghosts, but finds himself haunted all the same.



Synopsis: Not quite a ghost story, not quite a love story – Nora is a tale about the part of a person that stays with you when they pass away.


The Constant Crypt Guard:

A Retrospective Epiphany in Three Parts




Published by Empty Sink Publishing, The Constant Crypt Guard is a story about locking things away.




Synopsis: After meeting a friend for drinks, our unnamed narrator takes the reader on a drunken odyssey, recalling the relationship with his last great love – Matylda.


Shame Leaves a Mark

Synopsis: When you’re an 11-year-old boy you feel invincible. Callam is about to have a day that will test that theory.


 Memoria Manor

Memoria Manor was written as my final project when completing my master’s degree at Leeds Uni.

This novelette is a love letter to horror fiction and won the prize for ‘Best Research Project, 2015’.

Click here to read an extract from Memoria Manor.

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