Lewis is an award-winning writer and indie-filmmaker from South Wales. He has a master’s degree in Writing for Performance and publication from Leeds University, and in 2016, he made his directorial debut. His first short film as a writer and director, ‘Campfire Story’, went on to win ‘Best National Film’ at Swansea Film, 2017 and ‘Best Horror Short’ at ‘London X4 Seasonal Film Festival’. In 2018 his documentary ‘Royal’ won ‘Best Documentary’ at Copper Coast International Film Fest. His short stories have been published by the likes of ‘Empty Sink’, ‘National Student’, and ‘Literally Stories’. He is also the Head Writer, Producer at the award-winning video production company, Fine Rolling Media.






Kristian Kane, Executive Director of Fine Rolling Media

“When starting any type of business, one of the crucial parts of making it a success is creating the right team. It can take days, weeks, months and maybe years to find the people who share the same passion and drive as you do. We were lucky enough to stumble across the award-winning writer and all around creative powerhouse that is, ‘Lewis Carter’. Lewis has become a huge asset to Fine Rolling Media, with his incredible creative writing skills and the ability to turn the average concept into something memorable and pleasing to the mind.

I am happy to report that within two years of Lewis joining the Fine Rolling team, we’ve brought home no less than six awards from film festivals.”


Syed Ali Raza Usama, Director & Cinematographer at Geo TV

“Lewis Carter is just amazing with his creative ideas. He is more than capable of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary. For instance, his short film, ‘Campfire Story’ was both wonderful as a piece of storytelling as well as a very well directed film. I wish Lewis all the best for his future projects.”








Federico Francescato

“I have commissioned Lewis to help bring a feature film to life. I’m more than happy to recommend him to anyone in this industry. He is a creative writer and a focused professional with a clear and analytical approach to all aspects of the media production business (including budgeting and logistics.)

I met with Lewis and told him my ambitions for a film. He came back to me with a complete outline and proposal package that I am using to finance the film. He was even able to show me in a short space of time what the skeleton of the script would look like.

Lewis is able to think outside of the box and work on a project understanding and respecting different opinions and points of view. Check out some of his best projects, ‘Campfire Story’ and ‘Royal’. I look forward to continuing to work with Lewis and unveiling our film to audiences in the near future.”